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This beautiful handcrafted necklace is made from off-cuts of Padauk wood. It is simple and elegant, with a vibrant natural colour that is unique to each piece. It is an ecological and sustainable piece of jewellery that will add a touch of beauty to any look.


The padauk tree, scientifically known as Pterocarpus, is a remarkable hardwood tree known for its distinctive properties. Indigenous to tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and the Americas, the padauk tree stands out for its vibrant, reddish-orange heartwood, which deepens in color as it ages. This unique hue has made padauk wood highly sought after for crafting fine furniture, musical instruments, and ornamental carvings. In many cultures, the padauk tree is believed to possess spiritual significance, associated with protection and positive energy. Its geographic range spans a variety of climates, from the dense rainforests of Africa to the savannas of South America, making it a symbol of resilience and adaptability in these regions.

Necklace - Padauk

SKU: 47
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