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These beautiful, hand-crafted pendant from Yew  off-cuts wood is the perfect gift for any occasion. It is not only unique and ecological, but also sustainable. It is  the perfect 5th marriage anniversary gift, as  wood is the traditional gift for this special milestone. Show your appreciation and love with these unique and eco-friendly earrings.




The yew tree, scientifically known as Taxus baccata, is an enchanting evergreen conifer native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa. Its striking dark green needles and vibrant red berries contribute to its unique beauty, while its wood exhibits an exquisite grain pattern. These trees possess an astonishing longevity, often living for thousands of years, making them a testament to the passage of time. The yew tree holds deep cultural and symbolic significance. In Celtic traditions, it symbolized rebirth and renewal, while in Christian settings, it represents eternal life due to its impressive ability to rejuvenate from old wood. Its association with the afterlife and immortality has rendered it sacred in various belief systems. Today, yew trees are cherished for their aesthetic allure, historical importance, and the valuable taxol compound found in their bark, which is utilized in cancer treatment.

Pendat - Yew

SKU: 41
  • Materials;

    Yew wood,

    waxed thread

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