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Introducing our exquisite handcrafted Purple Heart Wood Necklace:

Discover the perfect harmony of style and sustainability with our handcrafted necklace, meticulously fashioned from the beautiful Purple Heart wood. Each piece carries a unique story, as it's thoughtfully crafted from the finest off-cuts of this remarkable wood, minimizing waste and embracing an eco-conscious approach.

Wear a statement of conscious luxury. Shop the Handcrafted Purple Heart Wood Necklace now and join us in our commitment to a more sustainable future.


Purple Heart wood is a hardwood species native to Central and South America. The tree can grow up to 130 feet tall and produces heartwood that ranges from dark purple to reddish-brown. It is highly valued for its rich colour, durability and unique property. In some cultures, purple heart wood is associated with strength, courage and endurance. It also thought to  help open and activate the crown chakra, allowing for a deeper connection with the divine.

Purple Heart necklace